As I mentioned in my last post, my Carpal Tunnel is really giving me trouble.  It’s  super frustrating because apparently wrist usage is very important to my everyday life.  Who knew?  I made my penne aglio e olio last night, and it was still too much stirring.  I also caved and knit about 6 more […]

I was all excited to go to another Creative Geeks Society meetup last night and get my knit on, but my wrist has been giving me some trouble the past few days.  Like a good girl, I put on my brace and knit a few rows of my Trapped Bar Scarf, hoping that the brace […]

aglio e oilio

My trapped bar scarf feels like it’s knitting up incredibly slowly.  I knew that it would from reading comments on the pattern; it’s a 1×1 rib.  Still, I feel like I’m making good progress.  My friend Ellen held a “Crafterday” at her house, where we watched Lord of the Rings and knit/crocheted.  We got through […]

Honey Oat Scone

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (since “back at the 4th-floor walkup” doesn’t have the same ring to it), my husband has requested scones.  The recipe I used is based on a Bon Appetit shortcake recipe, but since I can’t leave well enough alone, I obviously had to make some changes.  Of course, the fact that […]

Bag o' Tricks

This evening marked my first foray into the knitting meetup or, as I described it on my Facebook page, “a trial run to find out whether or not I am so introverted that I can’t knit next to other people.”  The verdict?  I can in fact knit next to other people.  Score! I found Seattle […]

When I was despairing of the rate at which I was going through Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies – those things aren’t cheap! – I felt inspired to try to bake some of my own.  Recipes I found searching online were complex and required more ingredients than I felt like dealing with.  Anyway, an exact […]

I was on Ravelry intending to post updates on the scarf that I’m currently knitting.  They have a tab in your notebook for “blog posts,” so naturally I assumed that I could just post there.  Wrong!  They import blog posts from the RSS feed of the blog that you presumably already have.  Now, generally I […]