New Years Resolution: More Tea!

draketea122913_webAfter a lovely Christmas visit to my parents in Illinois (two whole weeks!), I return to my regular life renewed and refreshed.  The combination of a lovely tea at the Drake Hotel and the receipt of a gorgeous electric teakettle to replace my 8-year-old plastic model has forged a clear path to my New Years Resolution – daily afternoon tea!

Although the teakettle is still being shipped back from my folks’ house (along with a gorgeous inlaid tray from my mom and yarn swift from my loving husband), I’m taking steps to get started right away.  For it to be a proper  tea, I feel that some manner of snack is required, so I put together a baking schedule for this week so that we’ll have homemade fare with our tea every afternoon.

Saturday: Honey Oat Scones

Monday: Smitten Kitchen’s Poppy Seed Lemon Cake

Thursday: Joy the Baker’s Brown Rice Pudding

I’m off to the farmers’ market and the grocery store to start me back on the path to post-holiday normalcy.  Wish me luck!



  1. So glad you enjoyed tea. I thoroughly approve your instituting it at home.

  2. Daily afternoon tea? My my, that’s rich! But I can’t say I’d object, afternoon teas are wonderful, relaxing and delicious. :)

    1. And they mean a snack when husband and I get home, which means I can slack off about starting dinner. :)

  3. I’m at work trying to secure my reservations now. Fascinating to do things outside the box. Looking forward to my day. Also, the idea of afternoon tea daily, I LOVE IT!!! ENJOY

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