Knitting + Carpal Tunnel = :(

a wrist brace like the one I wear

I was all excited to go to another Creative Geeks Society meetup last night and get my knit on, but my wrist has been giving me some trouble the past few days.  Like a good girl, I put on my brace and knit a few rows of my Trapped Bar Scarf, hoping that the brace would make it stop hurting.  Augh!  No go.  So instead, I stayed home and watched Doctor Who.  Other alternatives?

Things That Suck:

  • Knitting
  • Cooking – stirring, pouring stuff into measuring cups, lifting my skillet… all sort of hopeless

Things I do Instead:

  • winding yarn – almost to the next skein, might as well get it done now
  • baking – I can’t bake all the things, but if something takes place primarily in my mixer (like Frankencookies), that can be done
  • reading (about knitting) – I borrowed 5 ebooks about knitting last night from my library from the comfort of my apartment.  Score!
  • Doctor Who marathon – well, I’d be doing that either way

I’m going to be heading to the farmers’ markets this weekend to get some gorgeous local food; hopefully I’ll be able to cook some!  If not, I’ll just be baking Frankencookies and relying on the husband to cook and provide some actual nourishment.


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