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yarn, needles, and the timeless classic, Stitch ‘N Bitch

This evening marked my first foray into the knitting meetup or, as I described it on my Facebook page, “a trial run to find out whether or not I am so introverted that I can’t knit next to other people.”  The verdict?  I can in fact knit next to other people.  Score!

I found Seattle NorthEnd Knitters & Crocheters first on Ravelry.  Checking to see if any of their locations were near me, I stumbled upon their Thursday evening Creative Geeks Society, which was obviously an awesome fit.  If things get awkward, I can just start talking about Doctor Who!  (Note: this was totally true.  And two people were knitting Fourth Doctor Scarves)

I also conned (read: asked nicely) my step-cousin-in-law into coming with me, even though she doesn’t knit.  She brought ribbons that she was working on fancifying for SteamCon, because apparently con ribbons are a thing.  Hey, the more you know.™

Trapped Bar Scarf - WIP

trapped bar scarf – progress!

I brought the Trapped Bar Scarf – a striped pattern in 1×1 rib – that I’m working up for a friend I’m going to see at Christmas.  Before this project I had never done any color-changing in my knitting.  I showed up at the meetup with a few more rows to go of the main color before my first stripe, and got assistance from a kindly attendee in switching colors for the stripes.  I’m still not super-comfortable with color-changing, but I’ll get plenty of practice before this scarf is over!

The meetup was a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to attending regularly.  I’ll keep you posted on the scarf!


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