Why, Oh Why?

I was on Ravelry intending to post updates on the scarf that I’m currently knitting.  They have a tab in your notebook for “blog posts,” so naturally I assumed that I could just post there.  Wrong!  They import blog posts from the RSS feed of the blog that you presumably already have.  Now, generally I don’t assume that people will be too interested in my doings, which is why I didn’t already have a blog.  However, I do want to keep track of my knitting projects for my own reference.  So, I figured I’d post here and if anyone else wants to read it, that’s okay, too.

I also figured, while I was at it, that I might as well leave the door open for other posting besides knitting.  Like, I invented a cookie (the titular frankencookie) the other day.  When folks ask for the recipe, if I posted it here, it would be easy to just give them the link.

So, welcome weary traveler.  Have a cookie.


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