Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been super-busy at work, and blogging has fallen by the wayside.  But baking and crafting haven’t!  This coming week, I plan to post a pattern I created for a basic, cozy cowl, knit in the round.  In the meantime, please enjoy this simple, hearty cookie recipe, perfect for […]

For those of you who envy my baking-filled, knittastic lifestyle, I have a guilty admission for you: I sometimes fall down on the job.  I bet you are absolutely shocked.  The plague that I complained about a couple of posts ago caught up with me even more, and I didn’t bake what I had planned […]


As I mentioned in the previous entry, afternoon tea has been a big success for us.  I like an excuse to bake frilly things like cakes and scones, as well as having a snack when my husband and I get home rather than having to plunge right into making dinner.  And when I’m exhausted (which, […]

I’ve been sick as all get-out this week; missed three days of work!  Still, I managed to make afternoon tea happen as planned, and some nice orange spice tea was just the thing for my congested head and sore throat.  The new recipes I tried this week (Smitten Kitchen’s Poppy Seed Lemon Cake and Joy […]

After a lovely Christmas visit to my parents in Illinois (two whole weeks!), I return to my regular life renewed and refreshed.  The combination of a lovely tea at the Drake Hotel and the receipt of a gorgeous electric teakettle to replace my 8-year-old plastic model has forged a clear path to my New Years […]


For anyone who cares, I’m terribly sorry for the absence.  I had a few weeks off work, including a visit from my mom.  It was awesome, but it totally threw me off my schedule.  I did some fun stuff with Mom, including a trip to Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on Bainbridge Island, which I liked […]

I’ve been excited to bake a loaf of bread with the hard red wheat flour that I picked up at the farmers’ market last weekend.  To make it really special (or, alternatively, a total flop), I decided to give sourdough a try! When I say sourdough, don’t assume that I mean the actually sour-flavored bread […]